About This Blog

For six and a half years as Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to work with people in every part of this state.  We tackled a wide range of issues that were important for their regional economies and their communities’ growth. Making progress always meant collaboration, persistence and the sharing of good ideas.

Similarly, as Mayor of Worcester, I found that building relationships with other mayors was vital because our cities where connected by common threads. We faced similar challenges and shared ideas that led to solutions.

Today, as President and CEO of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce, which has nearly 2,500 members and is the largest chamber in New England, it’s all about leveraging our collective strengths to improve opportunity.

So that’s what One Commonwealth is all about.

Massachusetts is a large and diverse state; every region and municipality is equally important as we are all connected in one way or another.  I want to make One Commonwealth a place to share ideas, stories, challenges and perspectives on what matters most here in the state we call home.

The scope of dialogue on this blog is wide. The rules of the road are simple: be civil, responsible, and be willing to put your name on your words.


Photos 2, 3, & 8 of Slide Show are Courtesy of Joe’s Retirement Blog