New Locomotives Should Bring Express Commuter Train to Worcester


Did you know that there are about half a dozen brand new locomotives, valued at $6 million each, sitting in Worcester’s railroad yard right now?

These new locomotives, along with 80 new passenger cars, will be coming online soon thanks to the transportation bond bill signed by Governor Patrick and supported by the Massachusetts Legislature.

The deployment of these locomotives and passenger cars could greatly impact the Massachusetts economy by creating a 46-minute non-stop service from Worcester to Boston.

Currently one of the busiest MBTA commuter lines, the Worcester/Framingham line is crucial to the economic synergy between Massachusetts’ two largest cities. The creation of this express commuter train is essential.


2 thoughts on “New Locomotives Should Bring Express Commuter Train to Worcester

  1. Diane Gaw

    So very happy to hear this! When I was commuting to Boston from here, it took 1.5 hours each way – 3 hours a day…as opposed to my mom’s time, when she could get the train from Sterling Jct. and be at Medford Hillside in an hour.

    Next step (IMHO): a return of the stop in Worcester on the Boston-New York-DC line. Mom and I used to take the train to NYC for a theater weekend. It was a great way to get to the Big Apple!

    Thanks to Deval Patrick and you for getting this to happen!

  2. Andy

    Is there an anticipated launch date for all the new pieces? Current trains are still running the bare minimum of cars necessary for the amount of commuters.


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