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Plans for 2014

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Dear Friends,

I am writing to inform you about my plans as they relate to the 2014 election cycle. As I have traveled the state over the past year, I have been asked with increased frequency about whether or not I intend to run for Governor in 2014. These questions and words of encouragement by friends and supporters have caused me to think extensively about my plans and the steps required to be fully prepared politically for the fall of 2014 in anticipation of both a primary and general election.
Having already run two successful statewide primary and general election campaigns, I am keenly aware of what will be required to run the type of campaign my supporters and the people of Massachusetts deserve. Accordingly, over the past several months I have increased my political and fundraising activities and have been heartened by the strong showing of support to date. This activity already adds to a busy schedule with more morning, evening and weekend events quickly filling almost every free moment.  

Looking forward, I have given considerable thought on how I can sustain this pace for the next 20 months while working on my portfolio of issues as Lieutenant Governor. More importantly, I have been grappling with how I can juggle a campaign and work duties with my responsibilities as a husband and the father of two active and beautiful daughters, Helen and Kati, who are 7 and 6 years old. 

I am fortunate to have an extremely patient wife, Tammy, who while working full time, handles the bulk of the parenting responsibilities. I am grateful to Tammy for taking on this responsibility and for supporting my career over the past 15 years.
Having just completed 15 years of service in elected office, I have always given it my all to make government work for people. Whether it is a business owner, a neighborhood group, a veteran, or children and people who often don't have a voice, I have tried to be there for them and be their voice. In that spirit we have completed projects that people said couldn't be done and have made government more responsive with a number of new and innovative policy initiatives at both the municipal and state levels. I have been proud to spend political capital to protect safety net programs for vulnerable people, such as the homeless or victims of domestic violence, in the budget throughout the challenges of the Great Recession. 

Governor Patrick has also given me the chance to take the lead in creating a new paradigm of partnership between municipal and state governments that has led to new policy reforms such as the Municipal Partnership Act legislation and the regionalization initiative. This partnership, as well as our Gateway Cities agenda, has extended to economic development and transportation projects that are transforming our cities in every region of the state.  And we also have brought diversity and talented new voices to state government. 

I am proud of these things and others we have been able to accomplish together during the past 15 years whether I was serving as Lieutenant Governor, Mayor of Worcester, or as a member of the Worcester City Council. I have loved each job and the opportunity to listen and learn as well as to find ways to bring people together to get things done around policies and projects both large and small. Furthermore, I am proud of the fact that my unique victory in winning a statewide office as a mayor has provided a modern template which I hope other mayors will seek to follow.

However, as I contemplate the commitment required over the next 20 months (and the following four years as Governor) and weigh that against my obligations and responsibilities to my young family, I have decided that I will not be a candidate for Governor in the 2014 election cycle. Nor will I be a candidate for any other statewide office in 2014. 

This decision is not arrived at lightly and comes only after a great deal of reflection and numerous conversations with my wife, family and friends. I am thankful for the support and thoughtful words of encouragement I received from so many of you in the days and months leading up to my decision. I am proud of all we have been able to accomplish together. 

My high school football coach always told our team to finish the game strong. I intend to work with Governor Patrick over the next 22 months to finish this second term strong and build on our record of generational responsibility. We will leave Massachusetts better than we found it and growing in a way that benefits all the people of the Commonwealth and the generations that will follow. 

It has truly been an honor and a privilege to serve the people of the Commonwealth. As I move forward, I will continue to find new ways to serve and contribute to our collective efforts to build a stronger Commonwealth and nation. I am excited and optimistic about my future, the future of the Commonwealth and all that we can accomplish in the next two years and beyond. 


Tim Murray

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