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Tim works with Governor Patrick to lead Massachusetts by promoting job growth across the Commonwealth, bringing reform and real change to state government, investing in roads, bridges, life sciences and green jobs, while maintaining vital public services and a social safety net for those who need it most.

In addition to his general executive role as advisor to the governor and chair of the Governor's Council, Tim Murray leads the administration's agenda in several specific areas, including:

  • Cities and Towns

    As a former Mayor of Worcester, Tim made support for cities and towns a priority from the start. The administration has maintained its commitment to local aid and successfully passed the Municipal Partnership Act that gave communities new tools to provide services and save money. Read More

  • Veterans

    Tim leads the administration's efforts to improve services for veterans and their families. As chair of the Governor's Advisory Council on Veterans Affairs, Tim works to align programs with the new challenges faced by veterans returning from war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More

  • Domestic Violence

    Tim leads the state's efforts to combat sexual assault and domestic violence, and improve services for those who need help.  As part of this effort, the Patrick-Murray administration issued a first ever Public Health Advisory for Domestic Violence, elevating the profile and response to this issue--first time an advisory issued for anything but a disease. Read More

  • Homelessness

    As the head of the administration's housing and homelessness initiatives, Tim implemented a major reorganization of state homeless programs, to focus on housing first, move away from hotels and short-term shelters, and break the cycle of homelessness. Read More

  • STEM Education

    To help Massachusetts grow in 21st century industries, Tim is leading the administration's new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education Advisory Council to help prepare students and workers for high-tech careers that will provide long-term economic benefits for Massachusetts. Read More

  • Commuter and Freight Rail

    Tim directs the administration's agenda to expand and improve the state's freight and passenger rail network. Tim drove the negotiations with national railroad CSX Inc that yielded an historic agreement that gives state control of rail lines to Fall River and New Bedford and Worcester. In 2006 Tim first proposed that Wi-Fi access be made available on commuter trains and boats, and then he made sure it was implemented. Read More

  • Bay State Seaports

    Massachusetts has a rich maritime history. As chair of the Governor's Seaport Advisory Council, Tim works to help coastal communities improve and expand their maritime economies, which in turn benefits the Commonwealth as a whole. Read More

  • Brownfields

    Tim has long been a leader on the issue of brownfields--those old industrial sites that once powered local economies, but which now are often vacant and contaminated properties hindering progress in the neighborhoods around them. First as Mayor of Worcester, and now as lieutenant governor, Tim is making reclamation of these sites a priority, working for the tandem important goals of environmental protection and community development. Read More

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