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The following is a statement from Communications Director Alec Loftus in response to House Republican attacks on behalf of Charlie Baker:

"In an attempt to deflect attention from Charlie Baker's responsibility for the Big Dig and crushing debt, House Republicans used their state computers to mail in a political attack that was as tedious as it was false.
"Republicans are desperately attempting to hide the truth about Charlie Baker, who was a leader in multiple administrations responsible for running up debt in Massachusetts to unconscionable levels.
"In stark contrast, three separate bond-rating agencies, Moody's, Fitch, and Standard & Poor's have affirmed the Patrick- Murray Administration's strong fiscal leadership with a AA bond rating.
"Baker and his Republican surrogates in the State House are now trying to re-write history about his role as chief architect of the Big Dig financing scheme. Just ask former Big Dig Chief Matt Amorello, who was right at Baker's side during his latest campaign kickoff."


BOSTON - Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray today released the following statement on Republican Charles Baker's support[1] of the U.S. Supreme Court decision to allow special interests and even foreign corporations[2] to spend unlimited amounts of money on our elections.
"This week Charles Baker revealed his support for special interests and foreign corporations in their bid to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections right here in Massachusetts, and across the nation.
"Baker wants to open the floodgates to a new wave of campaign ads this November, funded by special interests and companies that aren't even based in America.
"It is becoming more and more clear that Baker is the candidate of special interests and powerful corporations, and will be indebted to them-and not the people of Massachusetts-if elected governor."

[1] (NECN, 1/26/10, BroadSide with Jim Braude: Charlie Baker on Governor' Race

[2] (The Wall Street Journal, 1/29/10, Foreign spending on politics fought
BOSTON - Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray today released the following statement on Treasurer Tim Cahill's selection of former Republican Representative Paul Loscocco as his running mate:

"I welcome Republican Representative Paul Loscocco to the campaign as Treasurer Cahill's running mate.

"Voters will have a clear choice in this election, with three challengers who want to retreat to the failed policies of the past, and Governor Patrick and I who are working hard to keep Massachusetts moving forward."

Tim led a Democratic National Committee (DNC) conference call on Monday with State Democratic Party Chair John Walsh to  highlight how President Obama's Recovery Act is creating and saving thousands of jobs in MA and playing a key role in helping to stabilize the state economy.

"Were it not for federal stimulus money here in Massachusetts and around the country I don't think we would have been that successful in stabilizing the economy, which was on the precipice of depression," Murray said. The state expects to receive approximately $9 billion total from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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"If you're a fan of higher insurance premiums, you'll like Charlie Baker, and if you're a fan of the Big Dig financing and record debt, you'll love Charlie Baker." -- Lt. Gov. Tim Murray

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Lt. Gov. Tim Murray and Democratic Party leaders today announced that the 2010 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention will be held in Worcester. The event will serve as a nominating convention to endorse a slate of candidates for the 2010 state election.

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