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On Nov. 18, Tim kicked off a three-day gathering of the National Lieutenant Governors Association in Boston. After a morning of policy discussions, the group toured the State House and met with Gov. Deval Patrick.

Lt. Gov. Murray recently interviewed Tom Cahir, Administrator of the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority and Jim Repass, President and CEO of the National Corridors Initiative on the agreement with CSX to improve commuter and freight rail transportation in Massachusetts. Watch the video:

Forging a Better Future

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"The work of forging a better future has begun. It has begun in Massachusetts. It has begun across America." -- President Barack Obama


Watch a video of the President's speech.
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Dear Friends,

Even as we struggle through challenges wrought by the national recession, there are some bright spots emerging on the horizon.

As President Obama said during his recent event for Governor Patrick and myself, "The work of forging a better future has begun. It has begun in Massachusetts. It has begun across America."

Thanks to the hard work of people in the public and private sectors, our economy is showing significant progress in the areas of clean energy, IT and life sciences, positioning Massachusetts to emerge from the recession faster that other states.

Even in the face of significant cuts, we have protected our investment in schools, maintained aid to cities and towns, and fought to keep the highest rate of health insurance in the nation. Our state bond rating is also strong, positioning us for long-term economic success.

Similarly, on the political side, we have achieved a string of successes that have sparked a great deal of momentum and energy with just year to go until the 2010 election.

On Tuesday, my home town of Worcester overwhelmingly voted for positive change by electing Joe O'Brien as its next Mayor. The city of Lawrence also made history electing Rep. Willy Lantigua as the state's first Hispanic Mayor.

Voters rewarded the leadership of Northampton Mayor Clare Higgins and Easthampton Mayor Michael Tautznik with re-election to sixth and seventh terms, and many other fine candidates earned success at the polls

The support of strong leaders at the local, state and national level provide Governor Patrick and I with strong allies to help move Massachusetts forward at a critical time.

I thank the countless volunteers, activists and candidates who participated in the political process during these past weeks, and hope that we can channel this new political energy and economic hope to keep our momentum going strong into 2010.


Timothy P. Murray
Lieutenant Governor

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